Sunday, September 28, 2008

Reaching around the World around the Clock

The Web never sleeps. If we search for online learning in Google, we get more than 50 million hits. Among the top few returns among those millions is a blog (web-log) that is published in a tiny town in the cornfields of Illinois. The Online Learning Upate has been published continuously since 2000.

A look at the location of those visiting the blog on the web over the past day:

And, yet the number of those visiting the blog directly is dwarfed by those visiting via RSS:

Micro-blogging is an emerging tool - you can tweet with twitter! Reviews of 10 tools.

Blogs are used by many to deliver learning materials. I am researching the use of RSS to continue to deliver learning materials to students after they complete the course, after they graduate; facilitating the professor-student relationship for years after the semester has ended.

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