Sunday, September 28, 2008

Social Networking on Ning! - My Space beyond Facebook

Social networking is a mystery to many who have not used MySpace (mostly youth) or Facebook (mostly college students). The tools at social networking sites enable one to post messages, blog, create wikis, share contact information, and much more.

A group of continuing education learners might well create a Ning to enable communication and collaboration. It is a bright new online location that is free of charge.

The example linked to the title is for the consortium I founded among Cal State Eastbay(Hayward), U of Southern Oregon, U of Southern Maine, Oakland U (Rochester Hills, Michigan), Chicacgo State U, and Louisiana Tech U. We have more than 100 faculty members collaborating and communicating at the site. Note that we have an upcoming online session on forms of assessment in online learning - entitled Testing the Waters - How Do You Know They Know:

And, that leads us to the next posting about sychronous distant learning!

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