Sunday, September 28, 2008

Video Brings Online Learning to Life

YouTube has brought a new dimension to the Web - video. Hundreds of lectures are put online through YouTube. Many great speeches and more are also available on YouTube. People with multiple languages and cultures post videos online.

Until recently, there has not been an inexpensive and simple way to record and upload video. But, a new generation of video cameras are now available at costs as low as $100. These "SSD" - solid state drive video cams store an hour or more video designed for web release. The Flip camera - see the link from the post title - has built-in software to upload videos through a "flip-out" USB connector that works with most any computer.

Here's an example of an impromptu video, my colleague and I put on YouTube:

Imagine attending a conference, pulling out your Flip camera and recording interviews with colleagues and other national figures in your field. They become instant "virtual guest speakers" in your classes.

The intimacy of video both to and from students enables a kind of one-on-one connection with distant students.

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